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Purewater is now proud to be a multi-line vendor of the latest craze in home gaming; arcade consoles. We have partnered with leading manufacturers and suppliers to bring you the best possible combination of game options, real arcade play, and great value. Purewater arcade models feature multiple games, including arcade classics like Frogger, Centipede, Pac-Man, Galaxian, Donkey Kong, etc. Game selection varies by individual machine, most units have between 60 to 1,000 games built in. Several models are upgradeable so more content and new games can be added down the road.

We constantly have new stock and varying designs coming in, so be sure to visit the store to see our most up-to-date selection and pricing.

Standalone Console:

This is our least expensive unit but it is PACKED with quality features! With prices starting at $399, it’s an easy way to “get in the game” without breaking the bank or taking over the entire basement. Offering over 800 games, these self contained consoles are simply plugged into the A/C outlet and connected via HDMI or VGA out to your TV (cables are included). With two high-quality control stations it is easy to play solo or head to head.

Bartop Unit:

These systems are a more compact option than the floor-standing units below, but they integrate a high-quality monitor so no external hookups are needed. Models feature from 600 to 800 games and come in solo and multi-player configurations.

Cocktail Units:

For the ultimate in head to head play and convenience consider the cocktail! This model features a tempered glass surface so you can literally use it as a focal cocktail table in your game room / rec room when not playing games! Models feature 60 to 600 games and come in several customizable finishes. Some models include a trackball for advanced game play.

Freestanding Arcades:

These units offer the greatest variety in terms of options and pricing, starting at just under $2,000. Freestanding models come as two product groups. The new-build consoles are replicas of arcade machines that have the latest game modules available, with between 400 and 800 games onboard.

Rebuilt Arcade Machines

Purewater also carries rebuilt arcade machines. These are genuine original arcade cabinets rescued and updated with new chips and controllers to offer 600 to 800 games. These refurbished arcade unit will give your game room an added touch of nostalgia, authenticity, and class.

Premium Arcades:

These models start at $4,000 but feature hard-to-come-by titles like Golden Tee™.  These are brand new units are built to exactly the same specifications as coin-op machines, using the same software and hardware as the original versions, but without the coin mechanism. These units generally have fewer included games (between 100 and 200) but new games can be added.  There are also game-specific designs, such as racing consoles, shooting consoles, and even golf simulators.

Purewater stocks many console and game versions that are available for immediate purchase. Because of the tremendous variety of systems available, we cannot stock every machine, so certain models will take 6 to 8 weeks to order in. As with everything we sell, delivery and setup services are available if you need a hand getting it home. Check with us for the latest STOCK and PRICING information.


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Images used are for representational purposes only; specific models, styles, and design elements change from unit to unit so please visit the store to see latest options and styles
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