Billiard Table Services

We can help take care of a variety of service needs

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Our Services

With a large and professional crew of table mechanics (over 40 years of combined experience) Purewater can take care of a variety of service needs. Our professional service management and dispatch team are waiting for your call or email inquiry!

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Billiard Table Move

If you need to move a billiards table for any reason (moving, private sale, renovations, etc…) Purewater will:

  • Disassemble table at first location
  • Carefully and securely transport table to second location
  • Completely reassemble and re-level table at second location
  • Option to re-cloth the table for nominal extra charge.
Billiard Table Disassemble / Prep For Transport

Is your billiard table getting in the way of laying a new floor or other home renovations? Purewater can disassemble your table and help you store it in your home.

If you are making a long distance move Purewater can disassemble and pack / crate your table and slate so it is ready for handling by professional movers.

No space? Purewater has storage options available.

Billiard Table Reassembly / Installation

If you have just completed a move or renovation Purewater can reassemble and reinstall almost any make, brand, or size of billiard table.   We will ensure it is level and have it ready for playing in just a few hours.

Billiard Table Re-Level

When your table shifts or floor settles, Purewater will quickly restore the table to playable level.

Billiard Table Re-Cloth

A beautiful table will play only as well as the cloth holds up.  Over time, tears, stains, or fading can take away from the beauty and playability of your game-room centerpiece.  Make your table look like new by changing your cloth.  Purewater has a vast selection of cloth options, with many different grades, blends, weights, and colors in stock.