Darts Academy: Overcoming a Mental Block

Dart hitting the target on a dart board

You’ve got the perfect stance, right foot forward. You’ve got a firm but relaxed hold on the barrel in your preferred grip. Your dart is the perfect weight and length, freshly sharpened, with a perfect, crisp flight. Your throw mechanics are on point. You ready, aim, release and – you throw a masonry dart, missing […]

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Backyard Renos That Wow


Looking to finally upgrade the backyard this year? It can be difficult to know how or what to do to enhance your outdoor space and add in those elements that will really make it pop. If you’re keen on taking on some backyard renovations that will wow your family and friends, here are some suggestions […]

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Make a Statement with Your Outdoor Bar


Adding an outdoor bar for entertaining is an excellent way to make an impression with friends and neighbours. It also gives you the perfect place to have a drink or two at the end of a hard day of work or start of a long weekend. Creating a unique and stunning outdoor bar is much […]

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Your Hot Tub is Your Oasis, So Take Care of It!


Your hot tub is the perfect place to unwind and spend some quality time with family and friends. And since it’s your own personal oasis, you’ll want it to keep operating at its best for years to come. And to do that you’ll need to conduct some regular cleaning and maintenance tasks that will keep […]

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Is Your Pool Leaking?


Do you feel like you spend a lot of time topping up your pool? In some climates, this can be an almost daily activity due to low humidity and high temperatures, and natural evaporation accounts for a lot of water loss.  That kind of frequency is not typically the case in the Ottawa region. When […]

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Keeping Your Hot Tub Clean This Summer


As the warmer weather arrives, it means it’s time to gear up for some relaxing summer evenings and plenty of spa time in the hot tub. With the onset of that hot and humid weather, it is important to maintain your hot tub regularly and keep it clean to avoid a smelly, icky tub. If […]

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The Importance of Proper Water Balance In Your Pool


Your pool is the place that your family and friends spend quality time together, keeping cool and having some fun. Keeping it safe for swimming is important for everyone’s health and well being. Most people don’t really understand the proper procedures for pool maintenance, and that can be dangerous. Balancing your pool is not only […]

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Dive into Pool Opening Season!

pool opening season kids enjoying swimming fun

Ready for the summer?  You might be, but your pool certainly isn’t after those long winter months of hibernation. As the warmer weather approaches, you will want to maximize your swimming and enjoyment time, and minimize your workload, so it’s best to gear up, plan ahead, and get started on some pre-opening pool-related chores to […]

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