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Purewater Pool Closing Service Packages & Options, Fall 2018

Everyone loves the pool when it’s hot and sunny out, not so much in the colder days of fall. Take the headache and hassle out of your pool care regimen this season by booking a professional closing. Purewater is one of the only pool companies that de-chlorinate pool water when we pump down your pool, ensuring compliance with City of Ottawa and Ministry of the Environment regulations. In addition to the convenience of having someone else working out in the rain and chill, knowing that your closing was done right will give you added peace of mind over the winter that, If your pool and valuable equipment were “put to bed right”, everything will start up nice and easily come spring.

All closing services assume that the water is properly balanced and clean before we arrive. You can book optional cleaning and maintenance services if you want Purewater to take care of these preparations. We recommend that you keep your circulation system running until closing time to help keep the water clean and clear. Visit Purewater with a water sample a week before closing for a free analysis, and correct any issues with the water balance. A pool closed with clean, clear, well balanced water will be easier and quicker to start up next spring.

Select the service(s) you are interested in below; starting with the standard closing, which covers the mechanical systems (often considered the “tricky” part of pool closing). If you want to save money, do the pump-down, and / or install the tarp yourself, though these can be messy jobs. Let us know what level of service you desire, remember to add in the Purewater winter chemical kit if you need it, and check the “extra services” to see if any apply or are required.

We are offering customers the option to pre-book their spring 2019 service package as well. Bundling and prepaying these services:

If you have ANY questions or concerns, call the office at 613-726-0099 X 1, or email us at [email protected] we are here to help!.