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February 22, 2016

Creating an Awesome (and Functional) Basement Bar

Creating an Awesome (and Functional) Basement Bar

Is your basement starting to look a little drab and depressing? Well, there’s no better way to revitalize it than with a swanky home bar. Here’s how to create your own awesome and fully functional basement bar.

The first thing you need to consider is the plumbing.

The build in feel of a plumbed-in bar sink is wonderful but can be costly. To save money and maintain portability, consider a dry sink; a removable, stainless steel tub that can hold ice, but needs to be manually “dumped out” after a party. Make sure there’s an outlet nearby to plug in a bar fridge so that you can keep those beers nice and cold. It’s important to ensure that you plan out floor space accordingly.

Select the bar.

Clearly, this is the most important decision. With so many options to choose from be sure to consider ease of installation, easy to maintain, sturdy and will suit your space and decor. Come into the Purewater showroom in Ottawa to get a feel for the different sizes and styles available.

Something else to consider is seating.

What kind of layout do you plan for bar stools? Do you want to seat 4 or 8, because the amount of room you need to allow and the size of bar you choose will very much be affected by how popular you expect your home bar to be! It’s important to consider where your guests will feel most comfortable. You can go for a simple, modern stool, or maybe something that screams 70s vintage. Either way, find your theme and work it into these details.

Plan out the back of the bar and keep it stocked.

You need to add some flare to your bar space and personalize the layout. Adding a back bar, shelving and racking that matches the bar front can really dress up the space and add storage and functionality. Lights behind the bar or even beneath the counter will make it pop, along with personal gems and bar décor pieces. Having a fully – or reasonably – stocked bar will have your friends gleaming with envy. Let’s be honest – any fully stocked bar is always impressive.

Last but not least, entertainment.

Everyone enjoys a little distraction now and then, so why not add in some entertainment options? Install a TV that’s in a good spot for everyone to view, put up a dartboard, buy a foosball table, or even a classy pool table if you’re feeling inclined. You can make your basement a go-to games room as well. Come into Purewater for all your games room needs. This month, our customers enjoy 25% off pool tables, 25% off dart supplies, up to 66% off bars and barstools, and up to 40% off game tables (models on sale vary – see store for details).

Who doesn’t like the idea of being able to make your friends a drink behind your own basement bar? If you consider each of these steps before creating your games room or man cave, you’re guaranteed to have a basement bar that’s both functional and awesome.