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Standard Service Call

Purewater can send one of our fully trained hot tub technicians to your home to help with any of the following issues:

  • Error code diagnostics
  • Component inspection and repair or replacement
  • On-site troubleshooting
  • Leak detection
  • Install of hot tub covers
  • Install of hot tub cover lifters
Spa Move

If you need to relocate a hot tub for any reason (moving, private sale, deck / landscaping work, etc…) Purewater will:

  • Pick up spa at customer’s home
  • Move spa to new location
  • Reinstall spa at new address
Spa Teach

Move into a new house that has a hot tub? Recently purchased a hot tub? Have a few questions about how things work? Book a spa teach with one of our senior technicians.

  • Includes a review of basic operation of the spa
  • Teach you “hands on” about spa maintenance
  • Help you program your spa control system(s)
  • Overview of water treatment and balancing
  • Will answer any questions customer may have
Spa Maintenance

Let us take care of your spa for you. Purewater will come to your home and:

  • Vacuum spa to remove debris and clean the water
  • Clean surface, water line ring, and cover
  • Test spa water
  • Balance spa water – administer sanitizer (chlorine/bromine), PH, alkalinity, calcium
  • Inspect all components
  • Filter surface cleaning (if running water is available on site)
Basic spa closing

If you don’t plan on using the spa for an extended period of time, particularly in or as we approach winter, have Purewater safely close it down for you:

  • Inspect of all components
  • Drain spa
  • Fully purge / blow out all lines
  • Add antifreeze
Deluxe spa closing adds the following optional services:
  • Add spa purge to water, circulate and then drain (line cleaning product to remove sludge and bio-film from all internal components).
  • Thorough interior surface cleaning of spa
  • Filter surface cleaning (if running water is available on site)

Spa Spring Cleaning

Time to open up your spa or would just like someone else to do the dirty work?

  • Inspect of all components
  • Add spa purge to water, circulate, then drain
  • Clean interior surface of spa
  • Clean spa cover
  • Filter surface cleaning (if running water is available on site)
Spa Filter Deep Cleaning

Regular deep cleaning of cartridge filters dramatically extends the filter life, improved filter efficiency means clear water with less chemicals.

  • Service is done at Purewater (customer does not have to handle or dispose of nasty chemicals)
  • 4 Step process using commercial grade chemicals restores filter to “close to new” performance
  • Option to collect / return filters, or can be dropped off / picked up at our retail store.