Pool Repair Ottawa

Pool Repair & Leak Detection

Plumbing/Pressure Test/Leak detection

If you have had problems with leaky lines or inadequate water flow, Purewater can repair, replace, and upgrade your plumbing to current standards using high flow, high-pressure PVC pipe, and re-plumbing a “spaghetti” system. We can replace a series of flow-killing elbows with a cleaner, leaner, efficient setup. Bigger and better plumbing means better flow and water movement, greater durability, less wasted electricity, water and chemicals, and a cleaner pool with less effort!

Is your pool losing water? Liners and surfaces can of course leak, but most pool water loss issues are the result of a leak in the plumbing lines. Purewater can perform a pressure test using specialized equipment to assess if the lines are leaking and where the leak is coming from. We can show you where to dig, or we can dig up the existing lines and replace them with new ones. We can also upgrade old underground plumbing lines to wider, more efficient, and durable pipe.

Equipment Installation

Take advantage of the newest technologies and advancements Purewater has to offer by upgrading or replacing your pool equipment. You will be surprised how much energy (and money!) you can save by replacing old equipment with newer, more efficient models.

Purewater can install:

Energy-efficient heaters

Whether you want to stretch out your season into spring and fall, or add a couple of degrees during the peak summer months, size is a crucial factor. The size of a heater is measured in BTU’s (British Thermal Units) and the more BTU’s, the more heat generated and the quicker the heat rises. Purewater can help you assess which heater is likely to perform best and represents the the best value for your pool and your needs.

More effective sanitizing systems: Salt and low salt sanitizers, UV / Ozone systems, automatic chlorinators, and fully automated pool chemical controllers

There is an extensive variety of sanitization systems available for pools that each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Salt and low salt sanitizers work by using a chemical process known as electrolysis, which creates chlorine using salt and water. A huge advantage of these systems is that after the hydrochloric acid sanitizes the pool water, it reverts back to salt, and the process begins all over again.

UV systems use electromagnetic radiation to decontaminate water. Ultraviolet water purification has advantages over chlorination which stem from the potential toxicity of chlorine. Due to its chemical nature, chlorine can react with other ingredients and form toxic compounds. UV radiation on the other hand does not use chemical additives during the purification process, and it doesn’t need to be monitored. In fact, the radiation simply coming in contact with the microorganisms in the water is enough for them to become inactive and harmless.

Fully automated chemical controllers such as Hayward’s “Sense and Dispense” system constantly test and monitor the pool water, and automatically correct any problems with low sanitizer or high pH. Once exclusively used on large scale commercial pools, these systems have become commonplace on residential pools, and Purewater are experts at configuring and installing fully automatic pool controllers.

Cartridge or sand pool filters

Both cartridge and sand pool filters have clear advantages that could make them a suitable option for your pool. Sand filters are reliable and durable, they can last 5-10 years between sand changes if properly maintained. They use a simple process of filtering water through sand and trapping dirt, debris and particles before returning clean water back to the pool. Cartridge filters are a good option as well and may even be preferable to sand pool filters, as they require very little maintenance and can filter down to 10 microns of particulate, where sand filters can only filter down to 20.

Variable or single speed pumps

Single-speed pool pumps have long been the traditional option, but they can be inefficient and noisy. Variable speed pool pumps hold many advantages over the single speed pump because of the innovative technology they use known as the permanent magnet motor. This motor allows the user to set the exact flow rate they need for their pool and take advantage of the fact that a slower flow rate of water leads to less friction, which in turn greatly improves the efficiency of the whole system and dramatically reduces energy consumption.

Major Renovations

Deep end too deep? Regret not putting in that walk in step? Think a spillover spa would be a welcome addition? Fountains, extra jets, a swim-out lounge area, or a waterslide? Consider a facelift for your pool! It’s never too late to have Purewater transform your backyard. From installing new lighting to adding water features and much, much more, bring us your dreams and let us help you redesign and transform your poolscape!