Safety Covers

Do you live in a home that has a pool? Do you have small children, or are there small children who come to visit? Do you hate the look of that icky winter tarp and waterbags? If the answer to any of these questions was yes, then keep reading to learn why having a safety cover is probably a good idea!

Safety First

A pool cover is one of the first investments that you should make if you have concerns that a child may fall into your pool. If your children are old enough to climb or crawl there is always a risk. While there is no substitute for vigilance, the Red Cross recommends layers of security. Vigilance, a good fence, and a pool safety cover can dramatically lower the risks, and of course, teaching children how to swim and the rules for pool safety are also critical steps.

Save Maintenance Time

Aside from the protection features that a safety cover offers, it also helps to ensure that you spend less time cleaning your pool before you use it. There is nothing worse than wanting to jump into the cool, refreshing water only to realize that you are going to have to spend the next hour or so dipping leaves and twigs, scooping out ick from the bottom, and working n the waterline ring. Even when we have warm temperatures in Ottawa, leaves and other airborne debris are constantly falling and they’ll find a way into your pool water without a good cover.

Maintain Ideal Temperature

A vinyl safety cover can also help you to maintain the ideal temperature of your pool. The night air in Ottawa gets awfully chilly. A properly fitted pool cover helps maintain the temperature of the water instead of having to spend hundreds of extra dollars on your gas or electric bill to run a pool heater.

Openings and Closings are a Breeze

After initial, professional installation, a safety cover can be taken on and off by one person in just a few minutes. With no waterbags to fill and worry about leaking, your backyard looks great and you can rest easy. Clean, filtered rain and snow melt top up your pool in spring, eliminating that sludgy, precarious tarp-full-of-goo job that awaits a do-it-yourself opening.

What to Purchase

When you are purchasing a safety cover there are a few options to consider. At Purewater, we install safety covers by first measuring the pool and deck for a perfect custom-fit. Anchors are set into the deck, and they recess when the cover is not in use so there are no eyesores or toe-stubbers. We finally install the new cover and straps for a clean, polished look. .Safety covers are available in many different colors and materials, and Purewater is one of the few companies equipped to install covers into concrete, interlock, and even work around complex water features like waterfalls. A quality safety cover is just about the best investment you can make to help keep your pool safe and clean. It can help provide you with peace of mind if you have small children or pets. Finally, it can save you time and money in cleaning expenses, especially in fall and spring. Call Purewater today for a free safety cover estimate or to schedule your safety cover installation.

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