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Fun on the Move!

Ever wished you could relax in your spa while at the cottage? Now you can – just pack up your Softub and bring it with you! Softubs are fully portable and can be set up on any level service. This outstanding feature makes these incredible tubs the ideal hangout spot year round.

Easy do it yourself setup OR we can deliver!

Made to Suit Your Tastes!

Softubs generally cost about HALF the price of a conventional acrylic tub, but don’t let the low cost fool you; Softubs are incredibly durable, and retain among the highest trade-in / resale value in the Hot Tub industry! In addition their amazing foam wall construction and premium winter cover (included with ever model) mean they operate for less as well! Electricity costs for running a Softub are also around half that of conventional acrylic hot tubs. With hot tub models IN STOCK, with easy, fast setup, with 110V plug and play operation, you can literally buy it today and be hot tubbing tomorrow!