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Soccer – the world’s game. It’s a game full of strategy, highs and lows, and pure excitement. Table soccer – or foosball – isn’t much different. The one thing that does make it different? Intensity. Turn up the throttle ten-fold, grab a few of your close friends, and get ready to spend countless hours battling it out for bragging rights. You’re going to need some sweatbands for this games room favourite.

Unlimited Fun

We love foosball for many reasons, but mainly because of the never-ending fun. Whether you want to play singles or doubles, we guarantee you’ll be playing the game with unwavering intensity for years to come.

Whether you’re looking for your kids’ first foosball table or to expand upon your already decked out games room, we at Purewater have a model that’s right for you. We carry both entry-level and high-end models for all the newbies and diehards alike. You’ll be able to choose from loads of different finishes, colours, sizes, and features. Don’t see exactly what you want? We’d be happy to special order you a model that meets all your needs.

The Purewater Difference

Our team doesn’t just sell and service the products we offer – we use them in our own homes. This passion that we have for our industry gives us a definite edge over the competition. You can be confident that our team will provide you with an experience that will keep you satisfied for years.

Ready to join the fun? Visit our convenient Bells Corners showroom and speak with one of our foosball experts about our carefully selected table options. Our brick and mortar showroom will be sure to amaze while allowing you to get your hands on the products before you make a decision. Made your choice, but don’t have a truck or van for transportation? We’d be happy to deliver your new foosball table and set it up for you.

It doesn’t matter if it’s for your nine-year-old daughter or your adult neighbours – everyone will love your new foosball table. Grab your cleats and get in the game!

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