May 2, 2015

The Pros and Cons of Hot Tubs vs. Pools

The Pros and Cons of Hot Tubs vs. Pools

Are you trying to decide between investing in a pool or hot tub? We suggest you buy both, but if it’s only one or the other, this list of pros and cons can help you decide:


Pro: Cool Water, Hot Summer. There’s simply nothing that can compete with the feeling of dipping into cold water on a sizzling-hot summer day. No amount of popsicles or personal fans can compete with that feeling of perfection.

Pro: Kid-Friendly. Tell your kids that you’re getting a home pool, and watch the giant grins instantly appear on their faces. Help your kids be kids and give them a childhood they’ll never forget.

Pro: Fun. Hot tubs are relaxing, but swimming pools are pure fun. From Marco Polo and underwater capture-the-flag to diving contests and water polo, there’s no shortage of fun to be had in a home pool.

Pro: Exercise. Are you looking to lose weight, gain muscle strength, or improve your stamina? Swimming laps or practicing low-impact exercises underwater is an enjoyable and effective way to do all of the above.

Pro & Con: Size. Depending on the size of your backyard and your budget, your pool can be as big or small as you want it. A large pool is awesome for swimming in and can fit a whole crowd of people, but it also takes up a lot of backyard space.

Con: Cost. If you want to install a home pool, it’s going to cost you. Especially if you opt for additional features, like a custom shape, diving board, waterslide, and/or waterfall feature.

Con: Maintenance. Owning a home pool takes both daily grunt-work maintenance and larger seasonal maintenance tasks to keep your pool clean and safe. If this isn’t up your alley, Purewater pool maintenance service professionals would be happy to put their expertise to work on your behalf.

Hot Tub

Pro: Hydrotherapy. Hot water improves circulation, reduces joint pain, and relieves muscle soreness. If you own a hot tub you can relieve your daily pain and sleep better every night.

Pro: Relaxation. After a long day, sometimes all you want to do is sit back and relax. The warm bubbling water of your hot tub helps you do exactly that, as it creates a calming and smoothing effect.

Pro: Less Maintenance. Compared with a pool, a hot tub requires a lot less maintenance. So you can spend more time relaxing, and less time working.

Pro: Cost. Compared to a home pool, a hot tub has a very attractive price point. From the most basic model to the “Lamborghini” of Purewater hot tubs with built-in stereo, lighting, and seating for a football team, they’re all reasonably priced.

Pro: Romantic. A hot tub is the perfect place to curl up with your partner and share a romantic evening under the stars. Share this intimate time together and you’ll never lose that spark.

Pro & Con: Size. Even the largest hot tubs can’t compete in size with a home pool. However, their compact nature means even small backyards can make room for a Purewater hot tub.

Now you’ll have an easier time deciding whether to purchase a Purewater hot tub or a home pool. Feel free to visit us in-store and we can provide you with any information you need.