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Water Test


Our waterlab is getting between 100 and 150 test requests each day. We are able to process about HALF that number. In order to relive the pressure we must limit the number of tests per customer effective immediately. IF you have already had more than one water test since the start of May, we will ONLY process tests for you AFTER the 5th of June. Please be sure that you complete and submit the form below within 2 hours of sample dropoff. If you left a sample with us between Friday the 22nd and Sunday the 24th of May please fill in this form immediately. We have approximately 30 sample bottles with no form information at our lab, these samples will be discarded by the end of business on Tuesday the 26th if forms are not sent in. If you do not get an email confirmation for submitting a form within minutes of completing the form, it was not properly submitted, so please check your inbox.

Covid-19 protocols are in place to limit contact. Water testing is now a 2-step process. Please read and follow these instructions carefully so as not to waste a trip to Purewater!

There is no charge for testing provided required chemicals are purchased at Purewater. Please complete this form PRIOR to dropping off a sample, or, if the sample is already in, please complete the form right away.

Samples can be left at Purewater, 2070 Robertson Rd., Monday to Saturday between 9AM and 6PM., Sundays between 10 and 5. There is a drop-off bin outside the front door. Please label the sample bottle with your name and phone #, AS THEY ARE RECORDED ON THIS FORM. if you have both a pool and spa please identify on your sample bottle. Please write directly on the bottle with a permanent marker; bottles are disinfected prior to handling, a “taped on” note or post-it note will be lost or rendered illegible.

PLEASE BE SURE YOU “submit” a form within 24 hours of leaving the sample (before or after). Water tests are processed once we have both this form and the sample. You will get a confirmation email within a few minutes if your form has been successfully submitted. If you do not get an email your form did not transmit, usually because it was incomplete, so please try again. Tests are processed within 48 hours and results will be emailed.

If you do not have a sample bottle, please use a disposable, clean glass container, at least 500ml (2 cups) of water. PLEASE DO NOT leave samples in personal bottles you want back; use a disposable container or an actual sample bottle. Because of limited space for returns and limited supervision of the bin, we are only returning plastic sample bottles.

Please make note of the following requirements:

We will not perform a test on samples provided in used chemical containers.

In a newly opened pool or newly filled hot tub, water must circulate for at least 24 hours prior to taking a water sample. We will not perform a test if water has not been circulating for at least 24 hours.

If water has been shocked within 12 hours of sample being taken, or if the chlorine / bromine level is above 12PPM, we will not be able to test; perform a strip-test at home to confirm sanitizer levels prior to dropping off a sample.

If it is raining heavily or heavy rain is forecast, do not drop off a pool sample. Wait until it is clear / forecast clear. If more than 10mm of rain has fallen / is forecast to fall between when you take your sample and when we can process a test, we will not process as the test is no longer accurate.

Due to the significant amount of extra work and time involved in operating our lab and premises with current Covid-19 restrictions, we will not process more than 1 test per month for the same client unless you are having a specific chemistry problem, or as a follow up to your initial balancing test. If you have already had 2 or more tests in the month of May, please wait until June 15 before submitting another sample.