July 13, 2015

Why You Should Purchase a Swim Spa

Why You Should Purchase a Swim Spa

Swimming pools and hot tubs aren’t your only option for backyard delight. A swim spa is basically a combination of the two, with about the same width as a hot tub, but triple the length. Swim spas have a propulsion system which creates a current that you can swim against. Though once these spas were reserved for the rich and famous, with an entry-level swim spa available at Purewater for under $15,000, now anybody can enjoy the many benefits of owning a swim spa.

How does a Swim Spa work?

A swim spa uses a paddlewheel, propeller, or jet propulsion to create a current in the water. You get a great low-impact workout by swimming against the current. You’ll improve your swimming skills, endurance, strength, and do great cardio training. In addition to stationary resistant swimming, you can use resistant cords for strength training, or rowing bars to tone your muscles. Of course, the current can also be turned off for a relaxing hydrotherapy session.

What should you look for?

The model should be able to produce a high rate of water circulation and balanced water distribution. The flow speed and current should also be adjustable, so beginner and advanced swimmers alike get an equally enjoyable swim session. As your endurance and strength progresses, you’ll want to be able to increase the current resistance for a bigger challenge.


A swim spa is a fantastic way to get exercise without having to drive to the gym or investing in expensive home equipment that sits unused. Water is ideal for low-impact resistance training. If you have a condition like arthritis which makes high-impact training difficult, if you are recovering from injury, or if you’re are an avid athlete, a swim spa is suitable for you.


Hydrotherapy is an option for your swim spa which provides relaxation, relieves muscle pain, and puts you in the right state of mind. Use massage jets to soothe your aching back, arms, and legs. It will reduce high blood pressure, relieve headaches, and benefit the whole body. You deserve to de-stress and unwind at home.


The buoyancy of water makes it a great environment to rehabilitate and recover from injuries. When your joints are swollen and tight and your muscles are sore, even movement in daily life gets hard. Swim spas provide relief so you can recover.

For more information, come visit us in store. Let’s find a swim spa model that’s right for you.

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