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April 7, 2015

An Early Spring “To Do” List for SPAS

An Early Spring “To Do” List for SPAS

Warm weather is on the way! Some of you will have made great use of your hot tub over the winter, while others are waiting for things to warm up a little. Either way, with the onset of warmer weather, there are a few things you want to take care of with respect to the hot tub.

Water Change

Many of you waited through the cold months to do a water change. By all means, bring a sample to the store for a free water test to confirm your water condition. At this time of year, however, we commonly see high TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). With a high TDS, the normal product of extended runs between water changes, it becomes harder and harder to maintain clear water, a situation often accompanied by off odors. The easiest and cheapest fix is a water change.

Spa Purge

Before you drain the spa, run a cycle with spa purge or line flush. These are products that strip the “goo” you don’t see out of the plumbing lines. Running the hot tub through a few pump cycles before you drain helps make sure you are off to the freshest and cleanest start possible.

Rinse & Clean

Always rinse the spa and clean the interior after you drain. Pop out all the pillows and cushions and give them a good cleanup, as well as the areas behind your pillows that don’t always see the best circulation. Check for any damage; if a cushion has started to break down, replace it.

Clean your Filters

Use this as an opportunity to clean or replace your filters. Give reusable filters a good soak overnight in cartridge cleaning solution. If your disposable filters are looking nasty, replace them. It is always a good idea to cycle two sets of filters, allowing your freshly cleaned filters to dry completely before bringing them into use. As they dry, the pleats contract, providing better filtration and cleaner water!

Start Up

If you use a Nature-2 cartridge, drop in a new one. If you have a “fresh fill” instruction sheet, follow it. If not, bring a sample by the store for a free test (and pick up your personalized instructions). It takes a day or two to get the water balanced, but once your mineral balances are in-line, every other aspect of spa care becomes easier. With clean, fresh water and the right maintenance regimen, you can go back to enjoying your hot tub rather than working on it!